Frequently Asked Questions

December Holiday Light Tours and General FAQ:

​How does this "December evening Holiday Lights tour" work?
Northern Tour:  You will see the lights (generally) north of 75th street, and are picked up north of 75th street.
Southern Tour:  You will see the lights (generally) south of 75th street, and are picked up south of 75th street.
Which side of town has the better lights?  We never know until Thanksgiving weekend who has decorated.  Tours start Fri 11/29/19, so we are out "scouting" the weeks before.  It's a riot!    There are some awesome one's that go up every year, and sometimes a home that have been decorated for years may choose not to decorate.  We always find "new" homes to add to our tours also!  Do you know of a cool home for us to check out?  Let us know the address!  "More is more!"  The northern tour has more of a residential feel as the homes are closer together.  The southern tour has more "street time" as the southern part of Naperville is more spread out.  Both tours have GREAT homes on them.  A lot of groups alternate tours every other year.  Being with your friends and family, and enjoying the Tradition on the Naperville Trolley is priceless!
I live on the south side, but want a northern tour.  Can we do that?  I'm very sorry, but unless we pick you up north of 75th, we can't.  We have some very intricate logistics and just can't alter the rules.  We CAN pick you up from a public location or someone else's home on the opposite side of town of where you live so you can enjoy the other side of town's tour.  
When available, PUBLIC tour reservations are purchased via the website by clicking on the "click here to see and book public tours".  Public reservations go live and are available to purchase on August 1st each year.  This is where you buy one ticket or a few, and join others.  No coolers allowed.  No refunds (unless WE cancel).
PRIVATE Bookings is where you rent the entire Trolley for the hour, and it's all yours for that hour.  2020 private tours can be booked on or after 12:01am CST 2/1/20 via email and letting us know the date, time,  and north of 75th or south of 75th pick up location.  I will then check the schedule and get back to you via email.
What can I bring/not bring on the Trolley?
We prefer that food be saved for before or after your Trolley Tour as we have other tours after yours.  Absolutely no candy canes, popcorn, popcorn balls, chocolate, gummies, sprinkles, marshmallows, or anything sticky.  Lids on all drinks.  No pets with the exception of seeing eye dogs. Thank you for following these rules.    

Is the Trolley heated?
Yes, all of our Trolleys are heated, but not as hot as your car as the Trolley has so many windows.  Please dress like you are going to walk outside, and you can always remove layers.  None of our Trolleys are "open air".
How many does the Trolley hold?
Every heart beat counts as a person in the total count.  From one day old to 99 years young.  Yes, even "lap babies".

Our 32 passenger holds 32 guests with two in each bench, including the front "jump seat" (this front jump seat is not very comfortable for adults).  If you have any guests that may need a bench to themselves or just want a little "space", we recommend that you cap your guest count to 28 or less.  If all adults, for sure 28 or less.
Do you ever cancel a tour?
We try not to, but if it's twenty degree's below zero, or if it snowed 10", yes.  Safety is #1.  We have daily updates posted on our website under "WEATHER" during December.  If Naperville Trolley cancels the tour, you get 100% refund as we can't help what mother nature does to us.  If you decide not to show up for any reason, you do not get a refund. Please remember, Trolleying in snow is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Ding! Ding!
Is it dark by 5:00pm?  Yes, it's dark by 4:30pm in December.
Should I tip the driver?Yes!  Both private and public tours should tip the driver. Our drivers are awesome and they sure hope you all had a great time!  To show them how much you enjoyed it with a good tip is much appreciated. If you had any issues on your tour, please let us know.  Thank you!  Private groups that book two or more Trolleys or time slots will have driver gratuity added to the invoice.
Can I request a driver?
Yes, you can always request a driver, but we never guarantee it.  If they are not working that night or have already been requested at the same time, they can't be in two places at once.  They love requests, and that shows us how awesome it was for you last year!  Ding! Ding!
It's only March, and I can't get the date/time I want.  Why?
We began offering these tours in 1995 and every year we sell out sooner and sooner.  I'm very sorry if you didn't get the date/time you wanted.  Please try again sooner for next year, or request to be on the "wait list".​ 2020 reservations can be requested via email beginning 12:01am CST on 2/1/20.  All requests must be made via email and are filed in the order they come in via email. 
What private tour dates/times are left to reserve?  Please see the list on the "December" page.  This list is added to the website in September.  Ding! Ding!​
You are booked the date I want, do you have a "waiting list"?  Yes, we do have a waiting list.  Sometimes you get in, sometimes you don't.  We never know...Please send us your name, cell, and preferred date(s) and/or times.

How do I get on your mailing list?There is a link below.  Join our mailing list and our Naperville Trolley facebook page!  We do more than December Tours Ding! Ding!  Sometimes we throw up surprise posts on facebook page for followers!
What is required to book the Naperville Trolley?
After we find a date, time, and Trolley for you, we will email you a contract to sign and return with a deposit check for $200.00 The balance will be paid one month before your tour date to help save time on the night of your tour.   You will have two weeks after the contract is emailed to mail it back.  After 11/1, payment in full is required with signed contract.
My contract printed blank, should I fill it in?
No.  I can't figure out why that happens at times, but it does.  If your contract prints blank, please let me know and I will mail you one the old fashioned way, in the US Mail.
What if I forget to return the contract in time?
The contract states that it must be returned by (DATE) or it is null and void.  Annette will always try to reach you via email or phone call, but if she is not able to reach you, your reservation will be erased from the schedule book, and some lucky person on the wait list will be called.
Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we do.  WE PREFER CHECKS as credit cards make our costs go up.

Can we get off the Trolley to take photo's?

No, you must remain on the Trolley for the entire tour.  You can go back to a home in your car if you wish, but the homeowners have requested that we don't let any groups or individuals get off the Trolley.  We respect their wishes.

I have a question not listed...

Please send it to and she will answer it, and add it to this list!  Ding! Ding!