12/13/17: NO "Pop up" Tours today. 9:30pm NORTHERN has TIX!

12/13/17: NO POP UP's Today, but 9:30pm Northern Tour has room!

POP UP tours are posted under the "Tickets" tab above at 9am for new tour times that are running the SAME night!  POP!  Ding! Ding!

No "Pop up's" today, but 9:30pm Northern Tour has room.  Go to "Tickets" tab to make your reservation!

What is the time and cost of the Pop-up Tours? Are they different that the other light tours?

Times may vary a bit, but will begin after 5pm each night and all tours are still an hour long. Cost is $18 per person, all ages.  They are the same tour as our "northern" and "southern" tours, we just don't know until the day of if we can add them! 

What upcoming "sure thing" tour times are available?

Regular tour times that still show openings as of 8:45am on 12/12317 (and this list is subject to change at any moment) N=Northern, S=Southern, Pop=Pop up (Number of Tickets left for sale as of 8:45am today.  Click on TICKETS tab above to make your reservation):

12/13: 9:30pm N (21)

12/13: 6:30pm COMBO (2)

12/14: 9:30pm S (7)

12/16: 9:30pm S (24)

12/17: 9:30pm S (13)

12/17: 9:30pm N (3)

12/18: 6:30pm Combo (1)

12/18: 8pm S (5)

12/18: 9:30pm N (16)

12/18: 9:30pm S (18)

12/19: 8pm S (5)

12/19: 9:30pm N (22)

12/19: 9:30pm S (28)

Why aren't these listed earlier?

We just got word that we may have an "extra" trolley available after 12/7/17.   We need to make sure our regular tours are all set before we send this extra Trolley out, hence the "POP-UP" option!  So many want more tickets, and this is our solution!  We'll do it when we can!!!

Can I switch my tour time that I already booked?

I'm sorry, but no.  That would be too logistically difficult for us.  This is POP UP and only for the night of the POP UP.

I tried so hard to get tickets for that night, and couldn't. Now you're doing a pop up? Grrrrrr

We scheduled as many public tours as we could. This idea just came to us to help more of you be able to tour.  It's very last minute, and something we couldn't schedule months ahead of time.  Thank you for your understanding!  Ding! Ding!

Everything is more FUN on the Naperville Trolley!

Happy Wedding Day FUN!

We will "Get you to the Church on Time!"

December Holiday Lights Ding! Ding!



Sports Victories, Neighborhood Gatherings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, EVERYTHING is more FUN on the Naperville Trolley!  Ding! Ding!

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We sure don't work 9-5.  Our Trolleys are available from 6am to midnight.  Email is the best way to contact us as we can reply to those at any hour of the day/night!  Ding! Ding!  annette@napervilletrolley.com