YES, all Trolley tours are touring tonight!  Trolleys are fully enclosed and run in all weather.  Have a great time! Ding! Ding!


Private Pop-up's AND Public Pop-up's now available!

We have decided to change our Pop-up policy and include PRIVATE Pop up tours, as well as PUBLIC Pop up tours!

SATURDAY, December 15:

Public Pop up tour are offered TONIGHT at 5:00pm, 6:30pm, and 8:00pm tonight.  Got to the TICKETS tab to make your reservation.  $20 per person, all ages.

There are no Private Pop up tour times available for tonight, but if you want to get on the list for another night, please let us know.  $350.00 for the hour tour.  We pick up at any Naperville address.  Subject to availability.  5pm 6:30pm, 8pm, and 9:30pm time slots.  630-355-2242

PRIVATE:  The entire Trolley is yours, and we pick up any Naperville location.  You won't know "for sure" if the Trolley is available until the morning of your requested tour date. (By 11:00am) $350 for the hour's tour.  A signed contract and payment in full would be due by noon on that day.  Email us to get on the wait list.  : )

PUBLIC Pop-up tour:  Like we have previously been doing.  We POP-UP a public tour, starting and ending from Gemato's Restaurant.  $20 per person, all ages.  Those too are listed on the day of the pop-up, for tours THAT NIGHT.  Make your reservation through the TICKETS tab above.  Ding! Ding!

PUBLIC POP UP TOURS MEET AT GEMATO's Restaurant = 1566 Ogden Avenue and are one hour in length.  (Corner of Jefferson/Ogden).  Click on the TICKETS tab above to be directed to make your reservation for tonight.  No "ticket" to print, you check in under your name.


DEC. PRIVATE TOUR INFO (where the entire Trolley is YOURS):

We began private bookings on 2/1/18, and they sure book fast!  The only PRIVATE tour times available (where the entire Trolley is yours) are from 9:30pm-10:30pm on December 10, 28, 29.  SOME earlier tours have been added on 12/28 & 12/29.  See DECEMBER page for details. Email us date, time, name, mailing address, cell, and Naperville pick up address to book.  More details on our DECEMBER tab above.  : )

DEC. PUBLIC TOUR INFO (where you are with others at meet at a specific location):

There are more options for EARLIER tour times on our public tours, but these too will sell out.  Visit the TICKETS tab above to get to the schedule of availability (that shows how many tickets are left to book) and you order right there!  All heart beats, from one day old to 99 years young require a ticket as there are rules as to how many may board the Trolley.  Yes, a "lap baby" counts as much as a 45 year young adult.  Thank you for understanding these safety rules.  : )

THERE ARE NO "Tickets" TO PRINT.  You check in with your name at the tour.  Thanks for booking!  Ding! ding!

DEC. POP-UP TOURS (When we can!)

IF we have a Trolley available, we will post Pop-up tours by NOON 12:00pm on the SAME DATE AS THE TOUR...IF we are able to have them.  We have an extra Trolley.  "What???  Why can't we book this extra Trolley now?"  Answer:  Imagine you booked a family party back in February, and there was a technical/mechanical problem, and it couldn't be repaired by 4pm on the date of YOUR tour/reservation.  Well, we are #1 in customer service here.  We don't over-book or double-book.  If all Trolleys are fine, (we discuss that in the morning), we will put "Pop-up" tours on the website.  These "last minute" tours will be $20 each, and will meet at Gemato's restaurant at 1566 Ogden Ave, Naperville (South east corner of Jefferson & Ogden).  NT&T did this last year, and it was very welcome and made a lot of people so HAPPY!  Thinking about safety and mechanical problems?  Please visit our blog tab above where I write about safety and what you should see on ANY commercial vehicle you book.  Our Trolleys are in GREAT shape, but we like to have a back up plan. My dad always said "Plan your work, and work your plan!"  : )

PS:  We can't plan for mother nature, so check the weather update daily.  

More Info/FAQ's

Please visit our DECEMBER tab above for more details and FAQ's.  We are getting so many calls about December, that we decided to fill our home page with December info.


Congratulations!  Check out our WEDDINGS tab above!

Everything is more FUN on the Naperville Trolley!

Happy Wedding Day FUN!

We will "Get you to the Church on Time!"  Click on our WEDDINGS tab above for more information! Ding! Ding!

December Holiday Lights Ding! Ding!

There is a list of private tour availability on the bottom of our DECEMBER page (see tabs above).  Reservations begin 2/1 each year, so mark you calendar to emails us on 2/1/19 to get 2019 private tour set up.  They go faster and faster each year....


Trolley transportation to/from Sports Victories, Neighborhood Gatherings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, From a Wedding in Naperville, to all over the western suburbs, EVERYTHING is more FUN on the Naperville Trolley!  Ding! Ding!

Please visit the TABS above for a lot of answers, then:

Let us send you a quote!

Public Tours meet at various locations. They never meet on Lilac Lane. Mail only:

Naperville Trolley & Tours

Mail only: 936 Lilac Lane, Naperville, IL 60540

(630) 355-2242
Northern Tours meet at Braconi's = 796 Royal St. George, Naperville.
Southern Tours meet at Aurelio's = 1975 Springbrook Square, Naperville.
Pop Up Tours meet at Gemato's = 1566 Ogden Ave, Naperville(SE corner of Ogden and Jefferson)


We sure don't work 9-5.  Our Trolleys are available from 6am to midnight daily (closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving).  On Sunday's, the office is closed, but you can still book an event on a Sunday.  Email is the best way to contact us as we can reply to those at any hour of the day/night!  Ding! Ding!


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